Each year colleges award more than $1.2 Billion in scholarship and financial aid directly related to your ability and willingness to play collegiate athletics for them!

If you're not willing to take your future into your own hands, do what it takes to separate yourself from the Millions of other high school athletes, and dedicate yourself to earning the scholarship you deserve, then stop reading this. This book isn't for you. We feel that everyone should have access to this information. No matter your background or economic situation, if you have the desire, you deserve to earn a college athletic scholarship.

We only want to help those who truly believe they deserve to play in college and are willing to do what we say and treat recruiting like the business that it is. If that describes you, we can show you how to earn an Athletic Scholarship!

  • Should you pay hundreds or even thousands to recruiting services or b.s. recruiting membership sites? (We show you how to do it better on your own and for free. Just don't tell parents you know who have fallen victim to these sites.)
  • Do you have to be the best on your team?
  • Does your high school coach have to be a buddy of the Head Coach?
  • I got a letter from a couple of programs already, aren't I already being recruited?
  • I'm not a senior yet, don't I have to wait?

NO, NO, NO, NO and NO are the answers to these questions!!!

If you have the desire and will to continue your career, we will show you how to do it.

No matter the sport you love, from football to soccer, lacrosse to softball, baseball to swimming and the rest of the 23 NCAA sports, this ebook to Get Recruited to Play College Athletics will work!

How do we know this? We know this because we are former college coaches, in football, baseball and hockey. We have spent a good portion of our life recruiting high school athletes.

We know what works, what doesn't, how to do it, and how you can use our knowledge to get yourself a scholarship to play collegiate athletics! No wasting your time or ours. It is only up to you if you play in college.

Your chapter on how to make a recruiting video that gets the coaches to call not only worked great, but saved us $695, because my husband had originally wanted to have a recruiting service do one for us. Thanks again.
- Patti A. Denver, CO

The average price of a four-year school is over $100,000. That's insane! Lucky for you, you play athletics, and if you're reading this, we know you have the drive to want to play in college. You deserve a scholarship to play in college!

  • You don't have to be an All-State athlete in your sport to get money for college. Most talented athletes just don't get recruited. Too many times we hear years later that a player who was unbelievable in high school, never even started school because they just sat by the phone and waited for it too ring.
  • We show you how to get noticed. Budgets are getting slashed every year in athletic department. The recruiting budget is always first to go. If a college coach doesn't know you exist, they can't recruit you. The scholarship money has to go somewhere, make it go to you!
  • Don't only football and basketball give scholarships? NO, almost every NCAA and NAIA sports give scholarship money, and even football and basketball often divide their money up among athletes. In addition to athletic aid, sports programs have the inside track to additional financial aid and grants. If they didn't, they couldn't field a team in any sport because all the players would need to work their way through school.
  • Won't I be bothering the coaches by recruiting myself to their program? No, this is how a lot of players get scholarships. The talent level below "blue chip" is very even. There is a lot of competition for the few truly "blue chip" athletes that exist. Coaches' face immense pressure to fill their slots every year. Their job depends on it. We show you how to make their job easy from the coaches' perspective.
  • I'm not a Senior yet, isn't it better to wait until I get older? NO, college recruiting has changed rapidly over the past 5 years. No longer is it enough to finish your Senior season then see what shakes out. The earlier you start in your Junior and Sophomore year the better. We even have Freshman taking advantage of this insider guide.
  • My Senior year is almost over and I want to play in college but have not got any calls yet. Am I done for? NO, even if your season has ended and you are a month away from graduation, you can find a place to play and even get scholarship money to do so. Apply our rapid-fire insider techniques to get it done.

There are exact steps that need to be taken to earn a scholarship. These are the exact steps we used with our own Sons' and Daughters' and the strategies we advise our close friends to do. These are proven steps that work in any sport, season after season.

Less than 5% of high school senior athletes make it to the NCAA and continue their career in college.

Don't Be Part Of The 95%!

If you have the drive and ability to commit to our system, you will be recruited and will show up on campus in the fall as an athlete. Over 35 chapters show you how to beat out the more than 1 MILLION high school Seniors. Don't be left at home.

This Insider Strategy Recruiting System works for ALL SPORTS, Men's and Women's

Our book will work for:

Cross Country Scholarships

Field Hockey Scholarships

Football Scholarships

Soccer Scholarships

Volleyball Scholarships

Water Polo Scholarships

Basketball Scholarships

Bowling Scholarships

Fencing Scholarships

Gymnastics Scholarships

Ice Hockey Scholarships

Rifle Scholarships

Skiing Scholarships

Swimming & Diving Scholarships

Indoor Track Scholarships

Wrestling Scholarships

Baseball Scholarships

Golf Scholarships

Lacrosse Scholarships

Rowing Scholarships

Softball Scholarships

Tennis Scholarships

Outdoor Track Scholarships

Unique talents and skill sets are required by different sports but the recruiting process for college is the same. Get the inside track on other athletes in your sport today.

Hi guys, just wanted to thank you for your book. My son was only getting calls from a few local D3 schools. We read the book and put a game plan together and we are proud to say he will be playing football next year at a BIG-12 school! Thanks again for showing us the way.
- Tom J., Syracuse, NY

Nothing is left to chance in this book. Insider coverage on all topics!

  • The right way to earn a scholarship.
  • How to separate yourself from the One Million+ high school athletes.
  • Developing a personal athletic and academic assessment.
  • Initiating contact and the recruiting process with prospective colleges.
  • Writing an athletic resume that works.
  • Making a highlight tape that stands out from the crowd.
  • The delicate role of parents and current coaches in the process.
  • Communication and relationship building with college coaches.
  • What information to send to colleges and the right way to do it.
  • Insider recruiting trip strategies.
  • How college coaches evaluate you and find recruits.
  • How to go from unknown recruit to picking the school of your choice.
  • Countless insider tips that prevent you from making critical mistakes that would have cost you deeply. Over 35 chapters covering every topic take you from high school athlete to showing up on campus a collegiate athlete.

This Is What We Give You:

Get Recruited to Play College Athletics E-Book

The "Get Recruiting to Play College Athletics" digital book is the only resource toolkit you need to get recruited to play college athletics. Insider tips and knowledge from former recruiters that gives you the competitive edge in the recruiting game. You will be able to download it instantly and get started now on your recruiting mission!


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2. NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete

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Get Recruited to Play College Athletics

We were out of options until you helped us. My son had no baseball scholarship opportunities late into his Senior year. We found your book, put the quick action recruiting plan into place and we found two colleges actually with scholarship money. Thanks for the help.
- Robert F., Boston, MA

P.S. Get Recruited To Play College Athletics comes with our Iron-Clad, 100% Money Back Guarantee. If the book within seven days doesn't live up to your expectations we will refund 100% of your purchase. No hassles, no questions asked. Just let us know. The risk is ours. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Again, if you're not willing to do what it takes to get recruited, if you're not willing to work as hard as you do on the field with the recruiting process, then don't waste our time buying this book. You don't get a scholarship by wishing or hoping.

We only want to help those who truly believe they deserve to play in college and are willing to do what we say and treat recruiting like the business that it is. If that describes you, it will be our privilege to guide you on your way to earning an Athletic Scholarship!